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Harnessing HiFi Sequencing & AI for Enhanced Gene Therapy Design

Gene therapy has reached a critical point where precision is paramount. The synergy between HiFi sequencing and AI technology emerges as a transformative tool for characterizing and optimizing AAV quality. It reveals previously invisible issues that could significantly impact the safety, efficacy, and manufacturability of cell and gene therapies.

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What We'll Cover

Manufacturing quality control of your drug product using PacBio HiFi sequencing

Understanding construct composition, including truncation propensity, secondary and tertiary structures, CpG islands and more

In silico predictions for optimal construct elements like promoters, enhancers, introns and a library on enhanced genes of interest

Featured Presenters

Alpha Diallo

, PhD

Head of Solutions Science, Form Bio

Elizabeth Tseng, PhD

, PhD

Associate Director of Product Marketing, PacBio

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