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Easily assess the quality of bioreactor runs to gain a deeper understanding of product contents, quality and potential risks.

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Confidently Characterize Bioreactor Samples with Ease

Examine sequence alignment, across complete sequences or specific regions including promoters and CDS, by comparing them with reference genome-matched reads to identify the presence of contaminating sequences within packaged capsids.

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Form Bio’s all in one computational platform and expertise seamlessly integrate with HiFi sequencing instruments and data to provide valuable insights for your team and CDMO, to enable fine tuning during process scale-up.

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Analyze Sequence Variants

Identify both known impurities and any unknown or unexpected side products in the process by quantifying sequence variants from deletions, insertions or mismatches between the reference and sample sequence.

Human Genome 

Validate the encapsidation of anticipated AAV construct sequences by aligning them with host genome-matched reads. This process also serves to identify any contaminating sequences present within the capsids.

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Key Analytical Development Questions
Form Bio Can Help Answer

Is my process resulting in unknown side products and host-related impurities?

What is the quantity of the variants being produced from deletion, insertion or mismatch?

What is the distribution of total and 
encapsidated species in my bioreactor?

How confident am I in my process method, and are there any blind spots I might not be aware of?

What is the sequence alignment to 
reference genome of the produced DNA?

What questions are you interested in answering?

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Key Benefits for Analytical Development Teams

Assess quality and identify
unknowns from bioreactor runs

Examine sequence alignment and analyze variants

Seamless end-to-end
experience for HiFi sequencing

FORMsightAI models undergo continuous validation with biological studies conducted with independent lab partners and CDMOs.

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Product Characterization

Fully understand constructs with automated AAV characterization reporting

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Biomanfuacturing Simulation

Predict manufacturing results relating to truncations and other issues

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Comparative Analysis

Compare an array of
constructs with different design characteristics to find the most promising versions

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Generative Optimization

Enhance constructs to generate de novo designs with the best predicted yield, efficacy and safety characteristics

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