Product Characterization

Ensure Accurate Bioreactor Sample Characterization

Assess the quality of AAV bioreactor runs to better understand their contents, identify unknowns and gain process confidence from scale-up to GMP manufacturing.

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Fully Characterize Sequenced Therapeutic Candidates

Examine sequence alignment and coverage across complete sequences and specific regions of interest.

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Analyze Sequence Variants

Quantify sequence variants resulting from deletions, insertions or mismatches between reference and sample sequences.

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End-to-End Workflow for Long-read Sequencing

Form Bio’s robust computational platform seamlessly integrates with HiFi sequencing instruments and data, delivering valuable insights to your team and CDMO for fine-tuning during process scale-up.

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Characterize Sequenced Therapeutic Candidates illustrationAnalyze Sequence Variants illustrationRNASeq analysis workflow illustration

End-to-End AAV Sequencing & AI/ML Workflows for Better Drug Candidates

As a PacBio Compatible partner, Form Bio works closely with PacBio to help AAV developers rapidly get from instrument to insights.

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Precision HiFi Sequencing for Enhanced Vector Design

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Webinar: Harnessing HiFi Sequencing & AI for Advanced Gene Therapy Design

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AAV Data Dictionary

Key questions Form Bio can help answer

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What is the truncation propensity of my candidate construct?

Which intron will optimize my construct’s safety?

What is the ideal molar ratio for my triple transfection?

Will my construct generate CpG islands?

Which promoter and other regulatory elements should I select?

Why isn’t my vector plasmid expressing as expected?

Unlock the Power of Form Bio’s Machine Learning for Game-Changing Benefits

FOrm Bio’s Machine Learning

Rapidly assess quality and understand unknowns from bioreactor runs

Detailed view of therapeutic candidate profile via WGS

Turn long read sequence data into insights and answers

FORMsightAI models undergo continuous validation with biological studies conducted with independent lab partners and CDMOs.

More Capabilities to Accelerate Your Cell & Gene Therapy R&D Journey

Comparative Analysis

Compare an array of
constructs with different design characteristics to find the most promising versions

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Generative Optimization

Enhance constructs to generate de novo designs with the best predicted yield, efficacy and safety characteristics

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Biomanfuacturing Simulation

Predict manufacturing results relating to truncations and other issues

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