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From simplifying computational work to providing targeted expertise, we help you get more done with less effort.

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Developing Machine Learning Powered Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapy Candidate Validation

Discover how AI/ML can enhance viral vector manufacturability and address the challenge of construct truncation.

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The Cell and Gene Therapy Design Upgrade for the AI Era

Form Bio’s FORMsightAI is a breakthrough AI-powered solution for addressing the top issues that make biomanufacturing difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

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Publicly Traded Gene Therapy Company Elevates Manufacturability of Constructs with FORMsightAI

Learn how a gene therapy company leveraged AI and machine learning models to increase yield, safety and efficiency of pre-clinical manufacturing.

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Computational power at your fingertips, without compromise

Form empowers you to get more computational work done on your own.  Our remarkably easy-to-use software doesn’t require coding, scripting or development skills enabling you to iterate faster on datasets, workflows and results.

Expertise brought together in one cohesive experience

No more relying on ad hoc assistance in disparate fields such as artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and biology. Form brings together the people and the platform you need at this critical point of acceleration in these disciplines to enable you to draw more insights from your data, and to do so with confidence.

A whole new approach to scientific collaboration

Form makes it easy to cite and share datasets, methodologies and findings with your peers. But we go beyond that by making it easy for peers and partners to deconstruct and reconstruct your research, taking it further than it can go otherwise.

How we empower scientists

Form simplifies data inputs and management while streamlining workflow iterations and collaboration

Trusted by industry leaders

Trusted by Top Scientists and Organizations

Eriona Hysolli, PhD
Eriona Hysolli, PhD
Head of biological sciences, Colossal biosciences

"Form Bio helps Colossal's biology teams save time and maximize our research in ways we didn’t realize were possible. Having access to an incredibly easy-to-use interface coupled with Form’s deep bench of bioinformatics and data science expertise is core to our workflows and how we fulfill our ambitious research objectives."

George Church, PhD
George Church, PhD
Professor, harvard medical school & MIT; Director of synthetic biology, the wyss institute

"Computer-aided design, fabrication, testing analyses and machine learning are key to the future of bioengineering in general and specifically restoration of endangered and extinct genetic diversity for keystone species in vital ecosystems. Form Bio is the software critical to pave the way."

Andrew Pask, PhD
Andrew Pask, PhD
Professor of biosciences, University of Melbourne

"Form Bio’s platform and experienced team are playing an indispensable role in our conservation and de-extinction research initiatives. The software’s ease-of-use and breadth of capabilities empower scientists to get more computational work done with less effort and in less time, making it a critical part of how we reach our discoveries."

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Cell and Gene Therapy

Get validated therapies into clinical development faster and more safely

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Speed through clinical trial analysis with easy to use data visualization and artificial intelligence tools

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Academic Research

Empower your researchers with automated bioinformatics tools and workflows

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Computational Biologists

Use our intuitive tools to automate tasks, visualize data and collaborate with your peers

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Get more done faster for your research partners by leveraging our workflow library


Leverage our secure data environments to build analysis capabilities in the cloud

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Scale your teams efficiently by streamlining bioinformatics within our platform