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Biological Validation Studies

AI models predict & optimize vector design outcomes

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Form Bio is your partner in building therapeutic development programs for the AI era.

Key steps in the drug development process where our programs help you accelerate:

Drug Candidate Design

Form helps you advance initial construct concepts forward to testable candidates that can be analyzed, compared and further optimized.

Candidate Testing & Selection

Form helps you select and advance AAV constructs by predicting their mRNA and protein expression and validating those results through in vitro assays.

Test Manufacturing

Form helps ensure you can produce an efficacious, safe drug with high enough yield, and fully characterized.

Drug Validation

Form helps you confirm mRNA and protein expression and validate your therapeutic for replicating preclinical efficacy in vivo.

IND Enabling Studies

Form makes it easier to get critical toxicity and safety answers and to be prepared with every bit of data you’ll need for IND submission.

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Program Elements

Drug Product Characterization

Detailed analysis of the manufactured drug product, including proportion of full AAV viral genomes to non-therapeutic encapsidated species.

Multi-Candidate Comparison

Compare the safety, yield and expression of multiple AAV constructs with different vector design elements.


Test AAV gene therapy candidate therapeutics in silico for production output in a virtual suspension-cell bioreactor.

Gene Expression

Analyze mRNA for transcription and translation efficiency to predict the levels of therapeutic protein production.

Immunotoxicity Analysis

Analyze the potential risks associated with CpG islands and other viral genomic patterns.

AI-powered Candidate Optimization

Leverage large language models and deep learning to rapidly analyze billions of possible versions of a therapeutic construct.

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More About Our Capabilities

Product Characterization

Fully understand constructs with automated AAV characterization reporting.

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Biomanufacturing Simulation

Predict manufacturing results relating to truncations and other issues.

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Comparative Analysis

Compare an array of
constructs with different design characteristics to find the most promising versions.

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Generative Optimization

Enhance constructs to generate de novo designs with the best predicted yield, efficacy and safety characteristics.

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In Silico Assays™

Discover your complete vector design space and identify your top candidate before in vitro screening. Within hours, generate a risk assessment of vector genomes, process impurities, immunotoxicity and more. Simply upload your sequence data to get started.

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Our Technology

A comprehensive tech suite built to enable accelerated cell and gene therapy development and computational biology at scale.

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Trusted by industry leaders

Trusted by Top Scientists and Organizations

Jenny Marlowe, PhD
Jenny Marlowe, PhD
Chief scientific Officer, solid biosciences

"As a Form Bio customer, we are thrilled with the uniquely valuable AI-driven insights they've contributed to our research and development efforts. By working closely with this world class team and cutting edge technology, we can clearly see that applying innovative AI solutions to pre-clinical cell and gene therapy development offers exciting potential for CGT companies' economics, market timing and ability to impact human health."

George Church, PhD
George Church, PhD
Professor, harvard medical school & MIT; Director of synthetic biology, the wyss institute

"Computer-aided design, fabrication, testing analyses and machine learning are key to the future of bioengineering in general and specifically restoration of endangered and extinct genetic diversity for keystone species in vital ecosystems. Form Bio is the software critical to pave the way."

Eriona Hysolli, PhD
Eriona Hysolli, PhD
Head of biological sciences, Colossal biosciences

"Form Bio helps Colossal's biology teams save time and maximize our research in ways we didn’t realize were possible. Having access to an incredibly easy-to-use interface coupled with Form’s deep bench of bioinformatics and data science expertise is core to our workflows and how we fulfill our ambitious research objectives."