Our Purpose


It’s been called everything from magic to miraculous. Alchemy, salvation and everything impossibly in between. To this day breakthroughs are often given the misnomer of “miracles” - these loose phrases leeching onto the reality of how scientific breakthroughs and discoveries are actually achieved. Only through intense research and countless hours of effort can real solutions be sought.

The truth? There is no magic. There is only mystery. Mystery that motivates scientists who dare to endeavor beyond what’s known. Always striving for small steps that lead to big findings with potentially colossal implications. Lives lived healthier and longer. Cures for diseases, both common and rare. Existence that flourishes on Earth and helps the planet flourish along with it.

But through countless hours of our own research as well as collaboration with top scientific minds in academia and industry, we found that the path from the scientific unknown to full fledged discovery is fraught with struggles and risks. Severe hindrances that hold back the pace of innovation, or even worse, simply put innovation out of reach.

We asked ourselves if it felt reasonable that biologists need to learn complicated programming languages, version-control terabytes of data and be their own IT departments in order to reach biological discoveries. We asked ourselves about the true cost of resources and queue time at the bioinformatics core. And we asked ourselves how many more lives could be improved or prolonged by reducing the time and risk involved with developing and delivering novel therapies.

From every angle we saw a problem that, for the field of science, is both massive and addressable. And that’s why we’re here now.

Science, at its core, is the noble pursuit of understanding how things happen, why they happen and how we might gain some measure of control over what happens. At Form Bio, we’re on a quest with you. And our singular role in that quest is to empower you to fulfill your scientific potential. Our software platform is purpose-built to help you push the fast forward button on your research, to help scientific collaboration be more collaborative and to dispense with the wholly unscientific struggles of cumbersome, DIY IT work.

We’re not here to disrupt the scientific profession, we’re here to empower it. Your potential and pursuit of truth is what empowers us. Put simply, Form was created to be a breakthrough for your breakthroughs.

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Empowering the future of science

Meet the team making our purpose possible
Claire Aldridge
, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer
Chris Haas
, PhD
Head of Partner Engineering
Mark Swendsen
, PhD
Chief Revenue Officer
Kent Wakeford
, PhD
Co-Founder and Co-CEO