In Silico Assays™

Explore your full vector design space and identify your best candidates before in vitro screening.

Now you can explore a broader range of vector designs and rapidly identify the candidates that show the most potential for success.

In just 24 hours, Form Bio In Silico Assays™ can help you get design risk assessments and insights on large vector libraries — enabling your team to run in vitro screening on only the most promising designs.

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Understand vector design potential and risks

rapidly and before in vitro screening

Evaluate broader vector libraries

built around optimal sequences with higher probabilities of downstream success

Shorten discovery timelines

by focusing in vitro screening on only your most promising candidates

Reduce vector development costs

by avoiding production of poor or low-potential vector designs

Full-Partial Assay

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NEW: Full-Partial In Silico Assay

Generate a risk assessment of vector genomes, process impurities and immunotoxicity including insights typically surfaced in conventional AUC and mass photometry assays.

Example Vector Insights

Full-Partial Proportion

CpG / Immunotoxicity Risk

Molecular Mass Distribution

Sequence Length

GC Content

and more

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment example illustration

Molecular Mass Distribution

Molecular Mass Distribution example illustration

Vector Map

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Screen vector libraries in less than
24 HRS

Explore MORE vector design space to find the best candidates FASTER

DE-RISK and SHORTEN vector development by filtering out
low-potential designs earlier

With In Silico Assays™ you can...

Get results comparable to those in traditional assays

Get actionable insights for eliminating and prioritizing vector designs

Get a risk assessment of vector genome impurities and immunotoxicity factors

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