April 3rd at 10am PT | 1pm ET

Explore Google's Advanced Omics AI Models

Join Form Bio & Google for a scientific discussion on pivotal discoveries using some of the most popular Google Cloud Vertex AI-powered workflows.

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What We'll Cover

Key learnings from leveraging Google's Vertex AI-powered workflows: DeepVariant, RNAseq, DeepConsensus, Pan Genomes

An overview of the Form Bio platform, including data management, workflows, collaboration features and built-in tools for research

A deep dive into Google-powered AI models available for seamless execution as point-and-click workflows on Form Bio

What's on the horizon for the future of AI and bioinformatics

Featured Presenters

Brandi Cantarel, PhD

, PhD

Dr. Brandi Cantarel is Form Bio's Director of Bioinformatics, where she focuses on developing analysis tools for the platform. Brandi's career has included leading gene of interest analysis as part of the NIH Human Microbiome Project, leading the bioinformatics/software development team to launch a CAP/CLIA Cancer Genomics laboratory and being a 2020 Highly Cited Researcher and she holds a PhD and MS from  the University of Virginia.

Christopher Haas

, PhD

Head of Partner Engineering at Form Bio

Andrew Carroll

, PhD

Product Lead - Genomics at Google AI

April 3rd at 10am PT | 1pm ET

Join us for the webinar.

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