June 13, 2023

How a Publicly Traded Gene Therapy Company Optimized Construct Designs with FORMsightᴬᴵ

Gene therapies can save lives and revolutionize medicine. But trial-and-error manufacturing consumes precious time and capital, creating risks for companies. Join Form Bio's leaders to learn how AI predicts and optimizes construct design for real-world manufacturing.

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What We'll Cover

The manufacturing issues a gene therapy company faced in bringing its therapies to market

The economic drivers pointing to the need for manufacturing-optimized design

How FORMsightAI reduced the time and cost required to achieve production readiness

Featured Presenters

Claire Aldridge, PhD

, PhD

Dr. Aldridge, Form Bio's visionary Chief Strategy Officer, pioneers advanced pharmaceutical solutions to get life saving therapeutics to patients. She was recently selected one of Forbes’ 10 Women Leading the SynBio Revolution redefining the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Her distinguished career includes biotech venture investing, entrepreneurship, and translating scientific discovery into practical solutions. Dr. Aldridge holds a BS in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University and a PhD in Immunology and Genetics from Duke University.

Andrew Busey

, PhD

Andrew is Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Form Bio & Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder @ Colossal Biosciences. In the past 25 years of his career, Andrew has pioneered some of the internet industry’s most important technologies — including work on Mosaic, the first web browser (now part of Microsoft Internet Explorer); creating iChat, the first web-based chat system and one of the first instant messaging applications, invented chat-with-a-customer-service-rep and more. Andrew has a degree in computer science from Duke University and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

June 13, 2023

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