Predict Bioreactor Output Before Spending Months and Millions

FORMsightAI SIMULATE enables cell and gene therapy developers to predict manufacturing output of a construct before spending the first dollar on bioreactor runs.

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Predict Capsid Content Proportions by Full, Truncated and Chimeric

Predict capsid Content Proportions illustration

Simulate Capsid Fill Progress Per Hour

Simulate capsid fill progress Per hour illustration

Understand Truncation Propensity Contribution by Region

Understand truncation propensity contribution
by region illustration

Predict Truncation
Propensities and Hotspots
by Structure Type

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Get Simulation Results in
Less Than 48 Hours

Required Input Data

Plasmid Sequences and Annotations

Plasmid Concentration/Volume Details

Bioreactor Details

Advanced Bioreactor Details (optional)

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Unlock the Power of Form Bio’s Machine Learning for Game-Changing Benefits

FOrm Bio’s Machine Learning

Reduce costs by avoiding expensive bioreactor runs of suboptimal constructs

Save time by reducing the number of test manufacturing cycles for a therapy candidate

Enhance safety by identifying propensities for empty capsids and other impurities

Pair with FORMsightAI OPTIMIZE for Next Level Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Generate new construct derivatives with the greatest predicted likelihood of manufacturing success and cost efficiency.

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With FORMsightAI OPTIMIZE you can:

Generate the ideal construct for maximized predicted therapeutic drug products produced while minimizing key inefficiencies

Develop a new construct design blueprint

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Bring the Next
Biotherapeutic to Market, Faster

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