Enhance Constructs for Ideal Dose Yield, Safety and Cost.

FORMsightAI OPTIMIZE enables cell and gene therapy developers to explore new derivatives of their constructs to ensure the greatest predicted likelihood of manufacturing success, while ensuring cost efficiency.

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The Optimal Construct Blueprint for Your Therapy

Easily build the specific elements for your new construct, including the type of therapeutic gene, the promoter and enhancer sequences to control gene expression and viral vector.

Minimized Truncation Propensity

Leverage deep learning technology to minimize truncation propensity and improve reproducibility of the manufacturing process, reducing the potential for batch variability.

Maximized Predicted Full Reads

Apply FORMsightAI’s breakthrough machine learning models to improve predicted full reads and increase the consistency and quality of the therapeutic output.

End-to-End AI-Driven Analysis

Further algorithmic modeling, including codon optimization, CpG island detection and hairpin analysis, can predict likelihood of manufacturing success and cost efficiency.

Example Pre- and Post-Optimization Comparison of Truncation Propensities

Truncation Proportion illustration

Example Improvements On A Publicly Traded Gene Therapy Company’s AAV Construct


Unlock the Power of Form Bio’s Machine Learning for Game-Changing Benefits

FOrm Bio’s Machine Learning

Improve safety & dose yield by ensuring optimal capsid fill rate

Extend IP protection by filing fresh patents on optimized construct derivatives

Reduce costs by avoiding expensive bioreactor runs on suboptimal constructs

Save time by reducing the number of test manufacturing cycles for a therapy candidate

Pair with FORMsightAI SIMULATE for Next Level Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Predict your construct’s manufacturing output before spending up to millions of dollars on bioreactor test runs.

Learn More About SIMULATE

With FORMsightAI SIMULATE you can:

Predict non-empty/empty capsid ratios

Predict capsid content proportions by full, truncated and chimeric components

Predict truncation propensities

Predict capsid content proportions by full, truncated and chimeric components

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