Candidate Validation

Improve manufacturability of gene therapy and other types of candidates with Form's cutting edge, machine learning based solution. Reduce time to market, increase manufacturing efficiencies and minimize capital burn with our unique combination of technology and expertise.

Graph showing Post-Opt/Pre-Opt

What is Candidate Validation?

Using the Form platform as its base, our Candidate Validation solution optimizes constructs  —  helping potentially breakthrough therapies get to the production stage with less trial and error in ways no other company can try to replicate.


When you are seeking to improve your genomics models, you turn to the areas of molecular design, throughput analysis, and viral vector optimization. All of these techniques can improve both the model creation as well as the manufacturing feasibility of the end result. Candidate validation is how Form enables you to use your scientific expertise to work smarter than ever before, leveraging our machine learning and bioinformatics expertise.

Minimize constraints, such as hairpins, within modeling to accelerate your model creation and scalability

Create one of a kind predictive insights via simulated data outputs and visualization.

Enhance candidate selection, leading to faster validation and improved speed to market

Key Features

CpG island detection to enable scaled usage of ASOs

Codon optimization to identify the best substitutions of chemically interchangeable amino acids

Hairpin Analysis to determine alternative nucleotide substitutions

Promoter optimization to aid in gene expression levels

DNA methylation to help in gene expression regulation

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Alex Smit
Founder of Stic

As a Form Bio customer, we are thrilled with the uniquely valuable AI-driven insights they’ve contributed to our research and development efforts. By working closely with this world class team and cutting edge technology, we can clearly see that applying innovative AI solutions to pre-clinical cell and gene therapy development offers exciting potential for CGT companies’ economics, market timing and ability to impact human health.

Jenny Marlowe, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Solid Biosciences

Computer-aided design, fabrication, testing analyses and machine learning are key to the future of bioengineering in general and specifically restoration of endangered and extinct genetic diversity for keystone species in vital ecosystems. Form Bio is the software critical to pave the way.

George Church, PhD
Professor, Harvard Medical School and MIT; Director of Synthetic Biology, The Wyss Institute

Form Bio helps Colossal's biology teams save time and maximize our research in ways we didn’t realize were possible. Having access to an incredibly easy-to-use interface coupled with Form’s deep bench of bioinformatics and data science expertise is core to our workflows and how we fulfill our ambitious research objectives.

Eriona Hysolli, PhD
Head of Biological Sciences, Colossal Biosciences

"Form Bio’s platform and experienced team are playing an indispensable role in our conservation and de-extinction research initiatives. The software’s ease-of-use and breadth of capabilities empower scientists to get more computational work done with less effort and in less time, making it a critical part of how we reach our discoveries."

Andrew Pask, PhD
Professor of Biosciences, University of Melbourne

Our collaboration with Form Bio is enabling our group to build more replicable workflows that allow us to perform routine analysis with greatly reduced analyst time—addressing a critical bottleneck in the scientific enterprise.

Vagheesh Narasimhan, PhD
Assistant Professor Department of Integrative Biology, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin