INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of RNA-Seq Data Visualization

Want to know more about the science behind effective data visualization and the common types of data visualization tools for RNA-Seq? Check out our infographic.

Jill Roughan, PhD

Jill Roughan, PhD

September 27, 2022

INFOGRAPHIC: The Science of RNA-Seq Data Visualization

RNA-Seq allows researchers to rapidly and comprehensively sequence the vast array of RNAs in cells. The result is an avalanche of raw sequencing data that requires complex bioinformatics pipelines to deconvolute, analyze, and uncover novel insights about the transcriptional state of cells. In the past few years, new sequencing techniques, such as single-cell RNA-Seq, have come on the scene, offering a more detailed, unprecedented view of the heterogeneity present in tissues and collections of cells. While remarkable, these new techniques present several new analytical challenges and methods for making sense of increasingly rich data.1

See how it all works in our infographic below:

The Science of RNA-Seq Viualiztn infographic

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